Nobody Reads the Fine Print
Nobody Reads the Fine Print is HNI’s fortnightly community awareness program. It’s a space we create for members of the community to get together, talk about and question the beliefs, norms and practices pertaining to mental health. The event was conceptualized and put out with the intent to start a dialogue about mental health and Personality Disorders/Difficulties. Every event is developed in line with a different theme and uses various art forms (such as poetry, theater, letter-writing and story-telling, to name a few) as a stimulus for conversation.

Mental Health Help Desk
The Mental Health Help Desk is a counter setup by HNI staff which addresses questions, doubts and myths about mental health in an interactive format. It aims to create a safe, fun platform for the community to talk about mental health and, in doing so, normalizes conversations about mental health and reduces the gap between the lay community and the professionals.