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Risk Assessment and Management In Psychotherapy – Series of 6 webinars

May 6 - June 11

As mental health professionals, it can be challenging to work with patients who present with significant risk. While we may feel fairly confident in our abilities as clinicians, a patient who is threatening to take his life can evoke strong feelings of anxiety. Such a situation can feel demanding and bring up questions about your role as a therapist. It can become quite challenging to reflect, to draw boundaries and be able to provide support and containment without feeling overwhelmed. The 6 part webinar is designed​ keeping this experience in mind. The series​ will combine teaching and reflections on risk assessment and management as we have known​ it through our work and experience. Through this engagement, we hope to address questions about the difference in roles, crises and risks and structures that help with containment.​


– Understand and assess crises and the escalation of risk(s)

– Learn how to draw a comprehensive risk management plan

– Develop the capacity to provide support during crisis

– Learn to work with a team of professionals

Zoom link will be sent post confirmation of registration through full payment*

*all payments are non-refundable

Who is it for ?

Mental health professionals – Counselors, therapists, social workers, clinical psychologists, support workers – working with individuals who present with significant risks; such as self-harm, harm to others, suicidal ideation.


Batch 1 – 6th May to 10th June

Every Wednesday 4:30 – 5:30 PM

Batch 2 – 7th May to 11th June

Every Thursday 3:30 – 4:30 PM


₹200 per session


– Ishani Badyal, Psychotherapist

– Mohit Sharma, Clinical Manager & Psychotherapist

– Pratiksha Tewari, Psychotherapist

Ishani, Mohit, and Pratiksha are a part of our risk management team and have been working with and supporting at-risk patients for over three years.


Start: May 6
End: June 11