Read Absorb Think (RAT) is a fortnightly study group open to students and practitioners in the field of mental health. RAT began a journey in the field of psychology that goes beyond just an academic and theoretical understanding; it encourages exploring resource materials from a collective group perspective through discussions, shared real-life experiences and case study presentations.

Living Learning Experiences (LLEs) is a three day residential training course designed for students and mental health professionals to explore to experience of being a member of a residential community or mental health unit. This training promotes understanding of processes in groups and offers a robust experience of eco-psychosocial awareness and growth.

Academic Seminars are learning spaces for students and professionals from the field of mental health. These seminars are facilitated by one or more experts from the field and broadly cover concepts, practices and ideas pertaining to mental health and often with specific references to Personality Disorders/Difficulties. While there is no fixed format for these seminars, they are often a mix of didactic, interactive and experiential teaching and learning.