Group Analytic Psychotherapy

We, in association with the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA, UK), are offering a staged 5+ year clinical training starting in August, 2020. The full training eventually leads to the internationally recognized qualification and title, ‘Group Analyst’. Those successfully completing the training will receive the IGA International Diploma in Group Analysis from the IGA (UK). The eventual intention is to set up the Indian Institute of Group Analysis and become a full member of the European Group Analytic Trainings Institutions Network (EGATIN). This will become possible when five individuals qualify.

Foundation Course

The one year Foundation Course draws upon psychoanalytic theory, social science and systems theory in its understanding of the human experience. It gives students the choice to join the course as a standalone, or as the prerequisite for the Intermediate and Qualifying Course in Group Analysis.

The Foundation Course is open to professionals from a wide range of professional backgrounds and to anybody who is interested in the study of dynamics in groups. A core and fundamental component of the learning takes place in small experiential groups conducted by members of the Institute of Group Analysis throughout the course*. In addition, the course introduces students to the meta-theory of group analysis, the principles of clinical group analysis, special clinical applications and the application of group analysis to organisations and the wider socio-political context.

The training will take place in blocks in a residential setting just outside Bengaluru, three times a year, with each block being of five days duration (Mondays to Fridays).

It is made up of several elements. Personal Therapy in a Group Setting, Seminars on theory and practice, Work Reflection Groups, Supervision of clinical practice. Intermediate and Qualifying course students will be required to run their own groups under supervision. There will also be a number of written assignments. Participants will also be required to commit to regular contact on Skype between blocks for theory and supervision.


Block 1: August 10th to 14th, 2020.

Block 2: January 4th to 8th, 2021

Block 3: April 12th to 16th, 2021.

Future years will follow a similar rhythm. Dates will be given out at the start of the training programme.

Why Group Analysis ?

Group Analysis is a powerful therapeutic medium that focuses on the relationship between the individual and the group, emphasizing the essentially social nature of human experience. As a method of treatment, Group Analysis offers a form of psychotherapy that recognises how emotional, behavioural and psychological phenomena emerge in the context of our social groups. Carefully constituted analytic psychotherapy groups have a long record of helping people with personal problems and in promoting personal development. The Group Analytic approach has profound implications for group-work as well as organisational practice. This is the case not only in health, social and educational settings, but also in the world of business. Our philosophy is that as personal difficulties arise in groups, groups are the best place to explore, to understand, and to try and resolve them. Group Analysis aims to achieve a healthier integration of the individual in his or her network of relationships. It is an interactive approach and has many applications in the field of human relations, teaching, training and organizational consultancy.

Contact Anando Chatterji for further details and registration.