Mohit Sharma

Psychotherapist, Manoyatra (Bangalore) & Clinical Manager, Manoyatra

Mohit is a Community Mental Health Psychologist. At HNI, he is involved in community engagement,​ individual and group psychotherapy, and is part of the risk management team. He is an eager fellow, hopping between (half-finished) projects and raring to learn a bit of everything. Within the field, he is drawn to learning about​ the politics of mental health and the role systems and communities can play in exacerbating and alleviating distress. He is interested in the recursive relationship between groups and individuals and how concepts from mental health can be applied within different systems to support the growth of its participants. At present, he is training to be a group analyst. When he isn’t panicking about how much there is to read or the work that’s yet to be done, he is sneezing around cats, watching films or digging​ up strange music.