About Us

Hank Nunn Institute (HNI) is a not for profit registered charitable trust based out of Bangalore (India); named after Fr. Hank Nunn S.J., a Canadian Jesuit, who spent 35 years of his life dedicated towards working with those diagnosed with chronic psychiatric disorders. HNI was founded by Anando Chatterji and Shama Parkhe on 8th July 2014. Their passion is mental health and both have been trained in the Therapeutic Community philosophy, principles and methods.

HNI is a space where mental health is understood and explored as a continuum between wellbeing and dysfunction that we are all familiar with. Our area of focus is to develop a service for those with Personality Disorder/Difficulties. Due to the lack of awareness and existing stigma around mental health, those with Personality Disorder/Difficulties often go unnoticed or their experiences are often invalidated by the assumption that they don’t have a “real psychological problem”. Our efforts are geared towards developing carefully designed treatment, awareness and training programs to meet the challenges experienced by individuals with personality disorder. We hope to create an atmosphere which is significant to the service users’ (patients’) journey in discovering and empowering themselves.

Fr. Hank Nunn S.J.



To encourage people to realize mental health as a priority in every community



To develop a Personality Disorder service with robust, long term, low cost treatment & recovery programs within the local community in order for people to regain a sense of meaningful existence and independent living.