Hank Nunn Institute (HNI) works with various organizations to help improve the facilities available in the field of community mental health. Over the years, HNI has been supported through a number of small, consistent donations made by individuals who believe in the work we do. Besides the monetary aid, the organization has been aided by the skills, knowledge and perspective of several people who have been involved with us in different capacities – as volunteers and consultants. We are grateful for these pro bono projects, initiatives and collaborations that have been very encouraging in our journey and have helped us sustain and develop the organization.

HNI has collaborated with the Ashraya Hastha Trust to establish Manoyatra, a community mental health unit in Indiranagar, Bangalore. This center will act as a replicable model that provides a comprehensive range of services for individuals diagnosed with a personality disorder. The Ashraya Hastha Trust, run by K Dinesh (co-founder of Infosys) and his wife Asha Dinesh, has contributed towards various projects in the education and health sectors.

International Partners