Understanding Personality Disorders

The Online Certificate Course on Understanding Personality Disorders will focus on developing a shared understanding of the experience of those who struggle with personality difficulties/disorders as well as their caregivers. As a mental health professional, you can expect to learn about and understand the different eco-bio-psycho-social factors that contribute to the development of personality difficulties/disorders as well as develop a skill set to assess their psychological needs and formulate treatment plans by involving the service user.

This is an online certificate course spanning 24 hours (overs 12 sessions, within 6 weeks). Regular Evaluation will be in the form of reflective essays.



• Development of Personality

• PD in the Indian context

• Diagnosis


The Clinical and Caregiver Experience

• Distress over diagnosis

• Developing sensitivity to service user and caregiver experience


Theories and Principles, Assessments and Treatment

• Attachment Styles

• Defence mechanisms

• PD Pathways

• Bottom-up approach to assessing needs

• Integrated & holistic approach in planning treatment


Therapeutic Approaches, Crisis Management, Relapse and Growth

• Critical understanding of various therapeutic interventions

• Identifying and assessing risk

• Designing support plans

• Recovery vs Discovery