Here is a simple question for you: How many lives can you change?

Probably not enough.

Remember The Starfish Story?

A young boy, that tiny dot of a human, walking on miles and miles of beach covered with starfish after a receding tide… He picked up one starfish at a time and threw it back to the sea. A passerby saw him and commented, ‘Oi, silly! You will tire out. There are hundreds of starfish. You won’t make a difference.’ The boy picked up another starfish and threw it back to the sea. He said to the passerby, ‘I made a difference for that one.’

‘One’ seems like a small number in the mighty statistics that surround us.

Sometimes that One is a close friend struggling to get out of bed.

Sometimes that One is a son or a daughter who takes their life.

Sometimes that One is the peer crashed on the floor, unable to breathe after receiving some unfortunate news.

Sometimes that One is us, just trying to get through a rough day.

Statistics crumble, and our heart pumps the preciousness of One human life back in our veins again.

All for One human life.

Each One has a story to tell.

When one story changes, many interconnected stories find hope.