Practitioner Training

This six month long (550+ hours) intensive learning process is designed for young post-graduates with an interest in working in the field mental health. It is an opportunity to develop as a mental health professional either in a clinical capacity or in outreach and administrative roles.


The primary aim is learning to form a therapeutic relationship with service users, listening to their life stories in order to understand their socio-cultural contexts, assessing their therapy needs, and formulating plans for therapeutic interventions in clinical or community settings. Some of the core components involved in achieving the training objectives are: Clinical Experience, Academic Work, Outreach Counselling, Supervision, Community Awareness Programmes, Documentation, and Personal therapy. The training focuses on providing an immersive experience of Therapeutic Community Methodology and Relational Practice, with an emphasis on working with people with intrapersonal, interpersonal, and prosocial difficulties (conventionally known as personality disorders/difficulties) in groups or individual setting.

This process opens up the possibility​ for you to be employed with our clinical or outreach teams across Delhi, Bangalore, and Jaipur.