Garima Singh

Psychologist, Outreach Services

Hello! I am a counselling psychologist with Outreach Services at Hank Nunn Institute (HNI). Prior to my 6 month practitioner training at HNI, I completed my Bachelors and Masters in Psychology from Delhi University. My training and work experience so far has taken me to different settings – residential homes, NGOs, corporate organisations and mental health tech startups. And while each place had its own way of making sense of this world, some things like the value of open communication, transparency, and personal authenticity have stayed constant in my engagement with all of these different groups. I like to use a person centred approach and invite active collaboration in my counselling work.

I am fascinated with all things ‘Van-Gogh’, enjoy indie and soft rock music and will find any excuse to initiate dance-offs. I maintain my semblance of sanity by lifting weights, cycling, stuffing food, and reading books with whatever limited attention span can be mustered.