Nandini Nayar

Psychologist & Researcher – Community Mental Health

Nandini is a psychologist working with research uptake, strategy, and individuals in psychotherapy at Hank Nunn Institute.

She has spent the early years of her career on a quest to discover work that truly speaks to her soul. After a journey through consumer research, the independent arts, and content development, she realised she needed to go back to where she started — her roots in psychology.

Nandini feels lucky that exploring who we are as individuals, who we are in groups, and what makes us feel the way we do is part of her job. The therapeutic power of vulnerability, self-awareness, and empathy continues to amaze her on a daily basis.

She finds joy and energy in dance – specifically Odissi, which she is currently training in. She is also passionate about documenting the precious little moments of her life and loved ones on camera (90% of which include her cats!)