Sophia Moi

Psychologist, Outreach Services

Sophia is a psychologist with Outreach Services at Hank Nunn Institute (HNI). She completed her master’s in Psychosocial Clinical Studies from Ambedkar University Delhi. Believing that we learn how to care for ourselves when we are cared for, she recognizes that the community we grow up around impacts our relationship with ourselves and the world. She is passionate about exploring different ways to understand a myriad of lived experiences and creating therapeutic spaces in the community where individuals from all walks of life can find ways to share their stories and connect with one another.

Outside work, Sophia finds joy in creative pursuits such as curating an absurd amount of playlists for specific moods, experimenting with various mediums of self-expression such as art, crocheting and playing the guitar. She also enjoys photography to document the beauty she encounters and appreciates its ability to freeze time.