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Understanding Personality Disorders

The Online Certificate Course on Understanding Personality Disorders will focus on developing a shared understanding of the experience of those who struggle with personality difficulties/disorders as well as their caregivers....


ReadAbsorbthink! Lecture – Can I follow you ?

  Everything a therapist does or does not say is a disclosure, but not necessarily an inappropriate one. - Thomas G. Gutheil Self-disclosure is often a minefield in an age...


Understanding Trauma

This webinar will serve as an introduction to developing a trauma-informed lens for mental health care and psychotherapy. You will learn about the impact of trauma and the complex mental...


ReadAbsorbThink! Lecture – Working With Adolescents

Working with adolescents in a therapeutic settings comes with certain limitations. How does one navigate the legal responsibility of involving an underage client's parents without it affecting the therapeutic alliance?...


Groups : From Conception to Birth

Ever since the pandemic started (and even before that), there has been an increasing need for supportive spaces. These spaces could be in the form of support groups, therapy groups, engagement groups, reflective groups, supervision groups, etc. The process of thinking about and setting up a group can be filled with anxieties. It places a...


ReadAbsorbthink! Lecture – What am I doing in this group ?

"What am I doing in this group? I wont be comfortable talking in a group I don't want to share my therapy space What if I don't like other group members? What if other group members don't like me?" This lecture aims to highlight themes around the terror of joining/being part of a group. It...


Open Mic Game Night

Dear Mental Health Practitioners, Everyone has had a tough year, and YOU have helped many of us get through it. So it's only fair that you get some space to...


ReadAbsorbthink! Lecture – Why should I trust you ?

A significant aspect of the therapeutic process is helping individuals experience safety in a relationship. The therapeutic relationship, like most others, is based on trust. But unlike relationships outside the...