Art generated on MidJourney

In this little nook of our website, we hope to gather our thoughts, ideas, figments of imagination, ruminations, ramblings, stutters, and sputters with the hope that someone who comes along can find some sort of comfort or disturbance in what is shared. Since we are people who have made a choice to work with this idea of ‘mental health’, our poems, prose, pictures will, in some way, capture our views of the human condition. If you are someone who finds themselves feeling discontent with the banal idea of ‘mental health’ as something that one ‘works on’ as if it is an engine taken out of the automobile being serviced – oiled, polished, and tinkered with so you can set back down the clogged motorway – you’re probably in the right place. We would much rather think of this ‘mental health’ as a drive down the narrow city streets grazing past the settlements and the houses with many many stories inside it, honking and cursing through the traffic, past the steaming piles of garbage, heading into the outskirts past the trees soaked in rain, fixing punctures along the way and stopping several times to have a few gulps of whatever watered-down version of chai our roadside friends have to offer – all the while not quite knowing what our destination is but hoping that this little excursion won’t be in vain. If that is the kind of ‘mental health’ information you’re looking for, welcome to Mayhem.

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